The three little cats


    I am in the street and as usual in a hurry with my head in the clouds when I hear something like a far and faint weeping.
    I look around, there is no one asking me for help.
    Absent minded people walk by.
    Oh my God, I think, I hear my cats weeping even when I am far away….I must take it easy.
    The noise goes on, I look around again there are three garbage bins a few steps away from me, brand new, polished maybe never used before.
    We are in Secondigliano, in the suburbs of Naples, Italy.
    I get closer, raise the top of the nearest bin.
    I jump up, a little face is looking at me with curiosity, but it is not afraid. It is a kitten.
    What is it doing here? This is not its place. I catch it and now it miaows desperately because it realizes that someone can help it.
    I look more carefully, I look again…two more little faces appear, they want help.
    I cannot go away indifferently.
    I don’t know what to do….”where can I keep these three more kittens? My garden is overcrowded! In the meantime I must take them out!”
    I put them on the sidewalk. I think someone will help them. I hope there is compassion in this world! But I have to change my mind.
    I must be going to work.
    I walk away with regret, but when I turn around the three kittens are following me. I cannot abandon them.
    I go in the car, I get a plastic bag…I take them with me.
    We know very well how it will end up.
    Once at home I let them have a little milk, they are hungry but clean. They must have been abandoned a short time ago. I have to give them a name, shelter and food.
    The kittens sometimes turn up their little faces from their bowl. Some drops of milk fall from their mouth.
    This sight moves me even if it isn’t even necessary at this point.
    I just cannot abandon them now.
    Tonight they are sleeping here, tomorrow we will see.
    Tomorrow came and many other days. I am just waiting for someone to help me raising them.
    They have taken possession of my home and of my heart.